My Story

I have developed a wealth of knowledge in the property and business sector which I have gained from having a hands-on approach and developing my own property business. My failures and successes have given me the information to help and mentor others who are also interested in property and establishing their own property business. As a property professional I not only manage a successful company, but I participate in educational speaking events to help provide clarity and information to like-minded property enthused people.

Having delivered hundreds of properties ranging in value from the tens of thousands to the tens of millions for both my own personal portfolio and my clients, I founded Dapatchi Group to manage the growing scale and geographical footprint of my business. Through my property career I have developed a large and expanding network of similar minded property investors and professionals.

I started my career as an ambitious Navigating Officer on board merchant vessels. However, my vision was always to develop property and I knew that working on the shop floor was the perfect foundation. I began my property career as a general maintenance man, rose to a project site manager and operated as general manager to a major property company.

Through years of hard work and learning I am now an experienced property investor with ownership roles in multi-million-pound commercial to residential developments. I am a hands-on consultant for major portfolio owners and for investors of all sizes and backgrounds. Most recently I have decided to share my hard-earned experiences with all property enthused people across the UK, ultimately helping them refine their skills and give them a deeper and more critical understanding of the property industry.

One of my key motives is to value people and I believe that a property business is more about people than it is about bricks and mortar. Throughout everything that I do I ensure I maintain a win:win ethos in every client deal and transaction and this aspect is core to my companies’ culture.

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