Limiting beliefs – What are they and why is it important you as a professional acknowledge them?

Limiting beliefs – What are they and why is it important you as a professional acknowledge them?

This is a topic that I am really passionate about and I think it is important to talk about! We all go through different stages of growth and breakthroughs but it is important that we can identify that so we can become the best we can be. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts that we intrinsically accept to be true, even when they don't actually serve us.

I often say ‘ to be great in property…its about being the best you, that you can be’ and I wanted to talk specifically about a few points that I believe will add value to you and your future in the property sector. I hear many people saying…I want to get into property BUT…

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough resource

All of these aspects, money, time, and resource are actually our minds. They are not physical things that are stood in our way. If we believe these things, then It is going to encourage you to think that you cannot take the next step forward. I believe if you acknowledge this, then you will overcome many major hurdles helping you to ultimately move forward. I have worked in property for some time now and I have heard the phrase ‘I don’t have enough…’ far too much. I believe this is a plague to your success. These words are some of the most detrimental words that you will ever say to yourself. You always have enough; it is about being resourceful! To achieve your goals, you need to dig deep and break down the hurdles that are in your way because invariably there is always enough. When we find ourselves saying ‘I don’t have enough’ this is actually an illusion. It is something that you create to stop yourself moving forward.

There are three key points that you need to acknowledge to ultimately overcome this theory of preventing yourself from moving forward. You need to understand...

  • Where your limiting beliefs is coming from and what is it that is creating them.
  • What actually are your limiting beliefs?
  • The language of limiting beliefs.

If you understand these three points, then you can acknowledge it and prevent it from hindering your road to success. I believe that this topic around limiting beliefs is one of the main contributing factors to people who don’t make a success out of their property career. Although this may not read as specific property and business content, I strongly feel that it is absolutely vital to your road to success and if anything, I would say that it is more important than the technical property information. For example, you may say ‘I don’t have enough…knowledge’ and this is actually something that you can build up if you develop and establish the right approach and stop limiting beliefs from excising within our space.


The fact that you have chosen to read this article and in fact are still reading this article demonstrates that you are wanting to make a positive change to help yourself move forward.

I AM….

I want to take a brief moment to talk about the two short and simple words, I AM. These two words put together are the most two powerful words in the world. Anything that follows this statement is defining you. an example of a limiting belief is ‘I am not smart enough to do this’, but ‘I am powerful and excited’ gives you a different approach.

Always be aware of these two words because they are incredibly powerful when it comes to setting the tone of you and your approach. These two simple words can either be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use them. I can’t be more passionate about this idea because ultimately it is something that I have used throughout my professional career to get to where I AM. So, I am is something that you should now be aware of all the time and if you feel yourself using this term negatively and you are not feeling engaged and excited then just start saying words such as ‘I am excited and motivated to develop and create my property business’, whatever you decide to follow I am with starts to define your reality. So, use these two words as a tool to help motivate you.

If you say something out loud such as ‘I AM A FAILURE’, your subconscious will then hear you say that, and you then start to take action based around what you have said. So, in theory your actions correspond to your language. But if you turn it around and say things such as ‘I AM DRIVEN’, your action will be much more positive.

Another way to look at this is whatever we feel, we think. Whatever we think we then say. And then whatever we say starts to then define our reality. And this is a circle that we are constantly moving around. This circle can either be a viscous circle or a really positive circle.

If you are stuck in a vicious cycle, to make it more positive the place to start is with what you say. If you change what you say, it will change how you think and if you change how you think then it changes how you feel and ultimately this changes your reality. So many of us don’t use our full potential, and by monitoring and changing the language that we use, it could help you to take better actions.


To give you an example…

I very often used to speak about ‘we had to battle to overcome this’ and ‘there was a fight to get to the goal’. This was because my reflection was that everything was hard work. I really had to work hard, and I had to really get down and battle to achieve the outcomes. This is what my subconscious was doing and therefore my reality was that I face lots of difficult challenges. As soon as I began to change the language I was using, the energetic side became a lot easier as I believed these challenges that were once upon a time so difficult to be more as a hurdle.

Of course, in the property space, you will face challenges and while you need to use positive language to help you take action, you must be aware and acknowledge some of the things that you will be going through. To believe that getting into property is easy and will give you instant financial income is just not true, so its important to understand the existence of some of these words. However, the property sector can be really engaging and exciting and puts you in a different trajectory and if you embrace this, then all of the things that you found to be a battle and hard work actually will start to become exciting.

I don’t have enough…

I believe that this is a phrase that everyone can resonate with and I’m sure if you think back there will have been a time that you would have used this phrase. These are actually very negative drivers, so you need to be aware of them. If you can change these phrases from ‘I don’t have enough’ to ‘would like to get more’ then very quickly you have changed your reality.

Throughout the development of my professional career I have been influenced from a bundle of resources and if you are interested in property then I encourage you to do the same. One person in particular who I have followed previously is Anthony Robbins. Something that he speaks about is the ‘illusion of limited resource’ and this is simple terms is I don’t have enough, however the key word in this is ‘the illusion’ because this is something that we create for ourselves. Ultimately its about being resourceful and using what you do have. For example, if you don’t have enough money…then you should be using your network, your knowledge, and your time to change that.

There is always a way to get over the hurdles…and you are resourceful enough to get over them.

You need to accept that you are going to get hurdles thrown at you, but the way you operate and the language that you use will help you overcome them.


Real life example...

This example demonstrates that if you utilise your resources, then you can overcome things that you initially believe to be hurdles and if you put the right thought process behind things then you can leverage everything.

When I first started out in property, I was working full time in a high-pressured job and I didn’t have any spare money on a month to month basis or in savings. I had some credit card debt and some bank loans, so ultimately you could have argued that I didn’t have enough time or money. And this was the space that I started from. Throughout this time, I knew that I wanted to get involved in the property industry and I was passionate and motivated to do whatever it would take to get me there. So, instead of going home after work and watching Game of Thrones or coronation street I went home and began to network with people and build information.

My first property deal made me the grand total of £10,000 and it was the best £10,000 I have ever built. This deal came from no money and very little time because I had gained lots of information and lots of networks.

Where do your limiting beliefs come from?

Limiting believes is something that is drilled into each and everyone of us basically all the way through our lives. They vary depending on what generation and era you grew up in and where you actually grew up.

For example, some people are raised in households where they were always told by their parents that borrowing money is bad and you should never do it. these types of things are pushed onto us throughout our lives and part of being entrepreneurial and a property professional is to take this information and challenge it. you need to ask yourself if it is your truth or if it is actually a truth that you have just been told and therefore just taken on board. A lot of the time we take on information as fact because we have been told it by so many people, but as a matter of a fact we need to challenge this to see if we actually believe it.

Ultimately your beliefs come from the people around you. the people who you associate and surround yourself with are those who influence you the most and you need to be aware of this as it can affect how you think and take action. So make sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right people who are going to help you and motivate you as you establish yourself in the property space.


  • You need to avoid limiting language
  • You need to analyse the people you surround yourself with
  • Acknowledge this is an ongoing process
  • Get engaged with where you want to be

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