How to position yourself offline within the property space.

How to position yourself offline within the property space.

I talk about positioning all of the time because it its incredibly important throughout your development in the property sector. One of the main reasons why positioning is so important is because it can change the energy in so many elements of your journey. If you are well positioned, then you will find the energy of things, will adapt from you chasing things to things such as deals and finance finding you.

This article is all about offline presence, so the presence that you have in your area. Its about being known and respected within that area. This article is designed to share with you some top tips about how you can make the most out of this opportunity.

The first thing to mention is that you are only as successful as the perception of the people around you. So, you need to make sure that when you are connecting with people and talking to people that you are coming from a place of professionalism and adding value to others. The more you can do this, the more respect you will get within your area and the easier your development within the property space will be.

In this article I am just talking about offline positioning, but it’s important to remember that both offline and online positioning go together. For example, if you connect with someone face to face, afterwards, they are probably going to go away and then google you. So, it is important that you develop and establish an online presence as well as an offline presence.

Tip number 1

You need to start introducing yourself as someone who works in property. I have worked with people for years who just don’t feel confident and comfortable to introduce themselves to others as a property professional, a property consultant, a property developer or in general someone who works in property.

Choose the language that suits you the best in terms of how you want to position yourself. Whichever language you want to use, make sure that you are coming from a place of introducing yourself as someone involved in the property space. This is important because you never know who you are talking to. You might find that, the person that you have been speaking to is actually really interested in property and by introducing yourself you could engage them to see if there is any further opportunity to pursue a relationship with them.

Tip number 2

You need to start speaking in the right language. When you begin to speak in the right language your positioning will start to happen automatically. I often talk about the phrase that pays and I believe that it really does. So, when you are talking use terms such as HGV’s, ROI’s, yields and all of this other language that you come to learn. By doing this it will help you to position yourself when talking to other people. Ultimately, its important to really digest as much property jargon and information as you can because it will demonstrate that you are coming from a place of knowing your ‘stuff’.

If you are struggling with the jargon slightly and feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the property language my top advice to you is to begin connecting with people outside of your area, people who are less relevant to your property development. Through this, you will start to really gain confidence when using the language.

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Tip number 3

Get a business card and always keep some with you. You never know where your next opportunity will come from. Having a business card on you all of the time allows you to take advantage and show someone who you are and how to further connect with you whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s important to remember to think about your brand and how you want to present yourself when designing your business card but its important to have one.

Tip number 4

This one is short and straight forward but dress appropriately for the industry that you are in. if you go out wanting to connect with property professionals you need to look clean and presentable. You need to make sure that you are comfortable but coming from a place of being smart.

Tip number 5

Now that you are personally ready to start connecting with people, you need to go out and actually start connecting with other property professionals. You need to attend networking events and really get involved with other property enthused people. This will give you the opportunity to see what other property professionals are doing and it gives you a change to get your business card out.

Now I am not saying that you should be running around at these networking events trying to decapitate everyone with your business card, this is just not appropriate for the kind of space that you want to be getting involved in. It’s a case of being cool, calm, and collective and really finding out who the movers and shakers are in the room and then going over and introduce yourself, let them know what it is that you do and what you are looking for.

The more questions and the more you talk to people, the more you open yourself up to greater opportunities. Ultimately the more people that you connect with, the further you will go in your property development.


Tip number 6

This tip comes down to your personal brand and your personal marketing. You need to get thinking and get creative when it comes to this aspect. Start thinking about signs, posters, flyers, leaflets vehicle décor and anything else that you can do within your town to really position yourself, so that people recognise that you are a property professional.

One of the first things that I did initially when first starting out was went around my family and friends and begged them to lend me some garden space to put some sign boards up which just said ‘I buy property, give me a call.. this is my number’ and this is something that you can do. So overnight I went from having no presence to having maybe 15 or 20 sign boards up around my town.

When I had some HMO’s and some Buy-to-let portfolios, what I would often do was do joint ventures with people such as pizza and takeaway companies. I went and contacted these companies and created agreements with them such as letting them put their flyers and menus in our flats so they were marketing their company to our tenants and in return, I asked to leave a flyer on top of their pizza boxes. Its little relationships like this which help to build rapport with companies in your local town and help you build your positioning.

So, get creative, get thinking.

Effectively, you want your town to know who you are and what it is that you do and invite them to get in touch. So essentially you can see that by positioning yourself and putting yourself out there it will encourage more people to be drawn into you rather than you are chasing them down.

A top tip here is to take a look around your area and see what other businesses are doing and how they are marketing themselves. I am a big believer of not reinventing the wheel. when you are out looking, if you find that some advertising reinstates with you, see if you can try and apply it to yourself.


Tip number 7

Among all of these tips the most important thing to remember is to be YOU. Find things that resemble you and what you want to do and then use them but ultimately don’t forget who you are, your tone of voice and what exactly it is that you want to do. Be genuine to yourself. how I do something Is not necessarily how you would do something. The more you can be genuine and honest to yourself the more successful you will be as you move forward through your career.

Tip number 8

Nothing positions you better than having a deal. So, taking it right back to property sourcing, get out there and get yourself a property deal because nothing positions yourself better than being able to approach people and say ‘Well I am currently doing this deal’ rather than just saying ‘ I would like to be doing this deal…’ Having a deal under your belt, is one of the most powerful positioning tools that you can have.

So, get out there, get sourcing your deals and make your property journey a reality.

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