Its all about mindset! Why you should see problems as hurdles and not walls.

Its all about mindset! Why you should see problems as hurdles and not walls.

Through years of working with people, something that I have come to notice is that when people are faced with an issue or problem they tend to see it as the worst thing that has ever happened and that they cannot move on from it and this is because of a mindset. Mindset is immensely important, especially when working in property as it influences the way that you perceive problems.

No matter what the obstacle or problem is, the best way to perceive is to look at how fun and how much experience you will gain from the things you will have to do to overcome it.

When I am faced with a problem, I look at it in a positive way and think how fun is it going to be to overcome this one. I love it, it gives me a certain kind of gratification for what I do and once I have overcome the problem I view it as an achievement, as ultimately I am one step closer to achieving my goals.

No matter what profession you are in, in business there will always be some kind of problem along the way, but to continue to succeed and reach targets, you must find ways to overcome them. You are the final decider of what your future looks like, if you look at problem and think you can’t resolve it. Ultimately, your story stops there.

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Mindset is important in all professions and I have always found the best way forward is to start seeing every problem, obstacle, or issue not as a solid wall but as a HURDLE. A hurdle is something that you can jump over and continue to look forward into the future. Don’t focus on the problem, focus past the problem and then the problem will start dissipating and disappearing.

It’s not all about how you look at the problem, it’s also about how you approach the problem. How you approach these issues and challenges will make a big difference on how successful you will be. It’s easy to give up, which is why not every property business is successful. Every business is faced with challenges and the ones who are successful have this positive mindset and when they are faced with these issues, they look past them and ultimately solve them.

So, when you are faced with a problem, look at it and think…

What are my next three logical steps that are going to help me overcome this hurdle?

Then, implement them. Try all three steps and if you still cannot overcome the problem. You need to come up with 3 more steps. And keep repeating this progress until the issue is resolved. If you start seeing these problems as something that are much more attainable, something that you can easily get over then ultimately you will be helping yourself be more successful long term.

Stop seeing Problems. Start finding Solutions.

Your ability to solve problems is directly linked to how successful you are going to be. This is something that I am extremely passionate about as I have witnessed so many people stop when they are faced with a problem. The reality is you will face problems therefore you need to develop a mindset that allows you to be able to take a deep breath, find a solution and keep moving upwards.

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