Positioning yourself online using social media?

Positioning yourself online using social media?

I believe that positioning is incredibly important within this industry and understanding how to position yourself online will give you a huge benefit throughout your property journey. So ultimately if you don’t position yourself then you will be held back. The best position that you can get yourself to be is ‘this is where I am, and this is me actively involved in these developments.’ But until you get to this stage there are many different things that you can do to help yourself get positioned correctly and increase your presence within the industry.

I often talk about immersing yourself into the community and immersing yourself into the industry and it would be a mistake if you were going through your journey without considering an online presence. Why? Your competitors will be positioning themselves online, therefore its important that you do too. Building this online presence is incredibly important, to help you build your brand and expand your network. Doing this puts you in the pace of a property professional.

Its important to put yourself online especially in todays society. Although you might not have grown up with this technology its important that you immerse yourself in it and learn how to use it because it is a fact that we are living in a digital era. Although it might seem a bit scary for some of you, the internet can be a really great tool especially if it used correctly. It could open you up to a magnitude of opportunities such as meeting with investors, connecting with joint venture partners, and really expanding your network. If we don’t have this online resource and if you don’t make use of it then you are limiting yourself before you even get started.


So, we are living in a technological world that is forever growing and expanding. So, it’s important that you keep up to date.

The first thing that you need to be thinking about is social media. In the past ten years social media has grown and adapted dramatically. When it comes to social media there are some particular channels that you need to be more aware of than others. Some of the platforms which you could consider looking at using are LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

These will help you to expand your business and meet other property professionals.

Now if the though of using these channels and putting yourself online scares you, you need to start thinking what you can do to start learning and start filling yourself with knowledge to help you position yourself online.



Facebook is a common tool that many people are starting to use, particularly in the property space. What you will find when looking online is that different business tends to levitate towards different platforms and Facebook is most certainly one of the major key players when it comes to property. On Facebook there are tones and tones of great property groups to join ad be apart of.

The first thing that you need to consider is separating your personal and your professional profile. Now this really depends on your personal life, but something to consider is that your potential investors and networks don’t want to see you out drunk on a Saturday night. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it is not something that you want to be showing future property networks. So maybe you want to consider changing some of the privacy settings on your Facebook profile or maybe you want to create a separate Facebook profile that is specifically for your business.

If you do decide to create a brand-new profile specifically for your business, then you need to start populating it too. Make sure that it on brand and it represents you and your business. Now it may be that initially you don’t feel ready to share your own tips or opinions about this space and that is completely fine. But don’t let this hold you back. Although you might not post your own content, you can share other people’s content that you think is great or insightful.

As well as this I advice you to start connecting and joining some Facebook property groups. Just start searching property and see what looks interesting to you. I have created a property group called Dan Pattricks Property Network which is designed to help property enthused people connect. So, if you are not already, why not join me there.

Once you have joined some groups, why not start commenting on peoples feed and posts. By doing this you are letting people know that you are a mover and shaker within the property space.

Another thing to consider is that Facebook and google work very well together. The more content that you put on Facebook about your company then the easier the more likely than google is going to pick it up on a search.



LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses to connect on as it is ultimately a business platform. If you have never used LinkedIn, it is very much a Facebook setup but done within the business space.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that if you set up your occupation, LinkedIn will give you suggestions of similar people to connect with. This will help you to expand your network. One of the questions that I get askes all the time is ‘how do you find investors?’ and to be honest with you by changing and updating your job description on LinkedIn, it could lead to investors coming your way.

So, once you have created your LinkedIn account or updated it, start adding and connecting with people. People won’t be offended if you just go in and add them, they will be pleased as it means that their network is expanding too.

Instagram and twitter

I mentioned at the start of this article Instagram and twitter and I also said that different industries tend to have strengths in different places. My experience with these two channels has been that they aren’t really property adopted platforms. However, I have seen some people making great successes out of these platforms.

But remember, there is no point in setting all these pages and profiles up unless you take action. You need to be connecting, posting, engaging, and constantly updating your platforms to make them effective.

Dedicating time into this part may seem like a thankless task especially when you are first starting out with them as you may not be getting many responses or likes, and it can be tempting to not move forward. the reason you may feel frustrated with this is because you don’t see a tangible result from all of this activity. This can be seen as supportive activity to sit around other things that do produce results.

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