Stop Saying ‘I don’t have enough time’ and watch your world open up.

Stop Saying ‘I don’t have enough time’ and watch your world open up.

I have been working in the property space for many years now and throughout this time I have picked up on what the biggest obstacles people face are. The biggest obstacle that I have found for most people is people ‘don’t have enough time’. I have heard this mentioned to me hundreds and hundreds of times over the last few years which is why I think that it’s an important point to address.

I strongly believe that saying ‘I don’t have enough time’ is an excuse! Although, this sounds very harsh and not very compassionate, but I feel strongly that this phrase doesn’t need to exist.

Now you may be sat their reading this article thinking, I work 60 hours a week, have two children and have various other obligations that I have to fulfil, so my reality is that I don’t have time. Of course, this is understandable, we all have our stories that lead us to wear we are. However, to me time is a matter of priority. You always have time to do what matters the most to you. This is the fundamental choice that you make, and this relates to any sector whether it is business or property. If you really want to do something, then you will ultimately make time to do it.


For example, it’s 10:30pm and I am sat here in my office at home writing this article because I can. I have the facilities to do it. It’s the smaller things in life that you might have to push back such as watching TV to make time to do the things that add true value to yourself. I advise that if you don’t already, get a diary, record what you want to do and by when, prioritise what is most important to you so that you can ensure you will achieve exactly what you want to.

Something to also consider is leverage. Maybe you are interested in property but don’t have the time just yet to actually start buying and getting involved in that such way, but in theory you could start dedicating a little of your time to it, even if this is just 10 minutes. For example, you could start connecting with other property enthused people on social media and joining online property groups.

To me, time is an illusion and the lack of time is certainly an illusion. With the right mindset you can achieve so much in just one hour or even in one minute. You can make big differences to your life maybe not immediately but most definitely differences that will be noticed and effective in the long term. But again, it is a case to start allocating your time to best suit you and what you want to achieve. If you want to have a portfolio of buy-to-let properties, then start connecting with other buy-to-let professionals on LinkedIn and Facebook. Start reading up and gaining information that will help you in the future.

Now, if you are generally sat there with strict restrictions on your time, thinking OK I hear what you are saying but actually, I am really going to struggle to do any of these things. Then start thinking about how you can become most effective in your space. Identify for yourself, the one or two things that you want to achieve each day that are going to help you to keep moving forward. At first, that may just be something small. Something that takes up less than five minutes of your time.

For example, you may just read one short article a day while you wait to pick your children up from school. You could even swap out current things that you do for newer things that will help you achieve your goals for example, instead of hitting snooze for 15 minutes you could choose to watch 15 minutes of educational property videos. Its ultimately all about allocating your time to start reaching your goals.

There are various tools out there that could help you organised and prioritise your tasks. One of the tools that I have used throughout my career is the Eisenhower principle, now this is not something I have created but this is something that I advocate, and I believe is a great piece of information.


The illusion of lack of time is something that you need to overcome sooner rather than later and you need to make sure that you even if you don’t have enough time, you are prioritising what’s important! Time is value which is why its so important to prioritise what you want to do, and I completely understand that it can be hard especially when you have other things that do take up your time.

For example, my father got cancer and I had to manage my time well, to care for him whilst running a property business and ensuring that deals and projects were moving forward, and it all began to feel like an awful lot of pressure. Pressure is something that I completely understand, but lack of time is not. The point that I am trying to demonstrate with this example is that if you were to be put in a similar situation and something happened to one of your loved ones, you would ultimately find the time to help and care for them and this would be at the top of your radar and you would make it your highest priority. Now god forbid that ever happen, and its not something that I aim to talk about, but I feel it demonstrates that as a person you can find time for things that your care about. This is the same thing when it comes to what you prioritise, we can always find time when we want to.

It’s not just time that this relates to but the whole idea of a lack of resources. I often say don’t limit yourself to the depths of your pockets. For example, if you are struggling with money and don’t know how you will make it stretch to the end of the month. More than not, through sacrifices and planning you get through it and that’s exactly how it is with time. You can always find a way to get things done if you make it a priority.

One element that I have found to be useful to help me manage my time better is ‘time blocking’. This involves allocating specific times to do certain things. Such as setting specific times you will check your emails and respond to calls. One thing to mention here about emails is that I know a lot of people check their emails in the morning as soon as they wake up, but guess what… if that’s the first thing that you do, you are going to spend your entire day responding to third parties and you end up not really controlling your own life. So why not try getting up in the morning and allocating half an hour before you do anything else to get a coffee and prepare and plan what you what to achieve today. So, you are changing the trajectory that you start your day with.

There are so many top tips and videos out in the digital world about how successful people live their lives, and there are so many different routines that these people claim to be the best way and most proactive effective way to success and I believe it is worth understanding them to see if they work for you but I also believe that making smaller changes such as making lists and time blocking, will give yourself the opportunity to see exactly what you are doing rather than just reacting to others all the time.

I can refer to this as I used to do this, I got up in the morning and checked my emails for an hour and responded to emails. I then would often get replies back and I would then be stuck in this consistent cycle of sending and returning emails. I used to answer my phone as soon as it rang because I believed that it could be an opportunity and I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Then one day I realised that I am working in property not saving lives, and for that I realised that no, matter what the opportunity it will wait until I am ready. This has enabled me to focus on the things that I think are important.


So ultimately, to be more proactive and manage your time better…think about what you can remove from your life that doesn’t add value, what can you remove that isn’t working or isn’t giving you results. This will then give you the time to actually start doing something that will help you too become more effective.

Another thing to mention, is that I often always think how I can get more value out of my time. And in the world today we have access to an abundance of more technological resources. I am a huge believer in reading, learning, and growing however, I have little time to actually pick up a book and read so I have transitioned into audio books which I can listen too whilst driving. Therefore, I am making the most I can out of my time.

Look at your life, whatever and wherever you are how can you get more out of it. How can you streamline to learn and grow whilst doing other things?

Key take away's
  • Prioritise your task's
  • Remove the things that don’t add value to you

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