Why you should stretch your comfort zone.

Why you should stretch your comfort zone.

What is a comfort zone?

A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing a certain lower level of stress. Whilst someone is in this particular state, they will perform at a moderate level.

Throughout your life you may have heard people say to you ‘get out, your comfort zone’ and there is this idea that to be successful and achieve higher results you should break through your comfort zone and do things that are new or more difficult. Saying ‘Get out of your comfort zone’ is a great concept but for us to actually make sense of it we need to understand the background and other contributing factors.

It is important that we do exist outside of our comfort zones, however we also need to acknowledge the level that you should be stretching your comfort zone. You don’t want to overstretch your comfort zone because then you will be in a state where you are enormously stressed and overwhelmed, and you won’t be able to move forward.

One of the key reason why I strongly believe that this is something to mention is because I know far to many people who have gained a large magnitude of property knowledge but they are not actually doing anything with it all. More than often when I ask people why they haven’t taken any action on their knowledge; it more than often comes down to their comfort zones.

95% of the population of this world spend their entire lives trying to operate within their comfort zone.

There is a reason as to why we operate in this way and it all comes down to this point that we are creatures of comfort. Part of our survival instincts and a big part of who we are is to hang on to safety and within our comfort zones we feel safe.

If you are all of sudden able to let, go of some elements of your comfort zone you will jump from the 95% of the population to the small 5% who stretch their boundaries. The more you can be in this category, then the more valuable you will be to yourself and to others around you.

For example, your daily routine may be that you work 9-5 and then you go home cook your dinner/tea and then you might watch TV. This might be your life today. If you woke up tomorrow and you owned a large property business with 7 active sites nationwide and you had a network of about 100 sub-contractors around, you. You would certainly be in a ‘freak out zone’. This is something that you want to avoid completely. Its important that you take logistical slow steps.


Growth isn’t something that happens quickly. It should happen slowly overtime so that it becomes normal and comfortable for you. If you rapidly change what you are doing, then you will automatically self-sabotage yourself to revert back to your comfort zone. You need to aim to stretch your comfort zone. There is a zone referred to as the optimised anxiety zone which is where you feel a little bit nervous because you are taking the steps forward to stretch your comfort zone. However, in this zone you are not fully freaking out.

The optimised anxiety zone is the area in which you need to be spending your time to ultimately be more valuable and successful. Its important that you recognise your optimised anxiety zone and be aware that this actually varies for each and every one of us. When it come to actually identifying this zone, it’s the space where you feel slightly nervous and challenged but you are capable to push through them.

A good example of this optimised anxiety zone is to think about a job interview. You will be able to go into and complete the interview although you may be slightly anxious and nervous. I believe that this space is where the most satisfied and successful people are sat. If you manage to get into this optimised zone today, then tomorrow that will become your comfort zone and then from this point on you are growing. In fact, being in this optimised zone is actually quite exhilarating and exciting because you are constantly learning and achieving new things. You will be getting so much more out of life over somebody who is just sat in their comfort zone. The secret is that you never ever become out of your comfort zone, you just expand it and grow it.

Its important to ensure that you get a balance. Balance is important within all elements of life, but it is especially important when thinking about your progression and your growth because you want to ensure a steady progressive growth. If you do ensure that you keep within a space where you can constantly grow, your results will also continue to develop.

Finally, the last thing to mention is something called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a term that refers to having the tenancy to interpret something in a certain way that supports your prior beliefs and values. An example of this could be ‘I’m not very good at speaking to people’ this links with comfort zones as you may feel especially overwhelmed when speaking to people such as other property professionals. You need to be aware of where your confirmation bias lies so that you can acknowledge what things challenge you so you can grow and move forward rather than reinforcing what you already think. Once you have acknowledged this you can improve yourself. For example, if you recognise that you are not very good at speaking to people, then you can try and move forward and improve it.

If you understand your own confirmation bias, you can then control your anxiety zone within your comfort zone.

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