What is a Driver & Why is it important for success in business?

What is a Driver & Why is it important for success in business?

There is always a reason as to why you do something and these reasons that are driving you forward are extremely important when it comes to working in the property industry.

In every profession you will sometimes be faced with challenges. From my experience if you are working in the property sector then there is no doubt that you will be faced with an array of challenges, some more challenging than others and ultimately these drivers that you determine are absolutely vital to help you overcome the hurdles and push you to achieve your goals.

Having a driver such as ‘I want more money’ is not enough to help you stay driven and focused when you do face challenges. These drivers that you determine must be something that stands aside from you. By having a bigger and more powerful reason that answers why you want to become a property professional, you are more likely to continue and grow when you are faced with challenges. If your driver is simply money, then you won’t be able to connect with it and it won’t be enough to get you to where you want to be.

Your driver can be positive or negative, or you may even have one of each. A positive driver is simply something that you want to move towards, and a negative driver is something that you want to move away from. When I first started out, I had both a positive and a negative driver to help motivate me and keep me focused.

My positive driver is my family and as a son I was determined to change the destiny of family and in particular, I wanted to ensure I could help my mum have the facilities to retire. I was determined to achieve this, and this kept me driven throughout my journey.

My negative driver was to get out of the situation that I was in. I was determined to get myself out of dept. Although I had managed to save and scrape the money together to buy my first house, it was far from the place I was to call home. It had no central heating, no plaster on the walls and I was ultimately driven to change my financial story and create my dream home.

I absolutely believe that you need to determine yourself a driver or else when you do get faced with various challenges, what will push you to carry on and not give up?

The reality is if you set yourself drivers and focus to a point where you believe nothing can stop you from achieving them, then ultimately every decision that you make links back to them drivers as they are what’s pushing you forward to achieve your goals.

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So, make sure when you set your drivers, they are valuable to you. They must be something that you can connect with daily, something that you cannot stop thinking about until you have completed them.

Something to bear in mind is to remember that you don’t just need drivers when you are first starting out in property. I have achieved my initial drivers that I set when starting out and I have continued to set new drivers to help me continue to overcome hurdles to this day.

So ultimately, choose a driver for yourself, surround yourself with it and make sure you connect with it every single day. If you do this, I strongly believe that nothing will stop you from getting where you want to be!

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