Website Presence. Why is it important?

Website Presence. Why is it important?

One of the first things that you need to be thinking about when starting your property business is website presence. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason to why you need to develop your very own website is because people will search for you. for example, let’s say you have a meeting with some important people. As soon as you have all left the meeting, in the current climate its common that one of the first things that they are going to do is to google you.

Something to not is, if they struggle to find anything relating to you or struggle to find anything to do with property relating to you then this could throw a few hurdles in your path.

You can overcome this by creating a holding page or a website that demonstrates that you are actively involved in the property space and displays what you do then they will be finding results about you and ultimately they will be looking at the type of content that you are putting on. With this in mind its important that your website represents and sits in line with who you, what your brand is and what your strategy is.


The better the web presence in this sense, the further and faster you are going to go through the property space. Something else to mention here is that the days are long gone where websites used to cost thousands and thousands of pounds. I am fairly certain if you get the right designers on board and look in the right places you could end up sending tens of thousand of pounds but more realistically to get a simple holding page, a page that stands as a shop window to who you are and what you do isn’t going to cost you more than a couple of hundred pounds.

There are many platforms out there such as ‘peopleperhour’ and ‘fiverr’ where you can get these kind of things created if it doesn’t sit within your comfort zone and this is certainly going to be money well spent for you.

I have worked with a client in the past who basically put a website together that said ‘we will buy any property, regardless of its condition and regardless of its location’, the reason that they could put that out there was because in retrospect for the right price and in the right market they can buy any property. this then led to them getting a lot of business leads.


Going forward, you need to think about your unique business, and you need to think about what it is that you want to achieve from that business. Don’t go and create your website blind, make sure you go in with a goal and a strong idea. To help you, you could create some brand documentation to sit behind your businesses brand. Don’t create something just because you know you should, you need to create something that ultimately you are really proud off, because remember this is your shop window. Especially in the current climate that we live in, this is crucially important.

You can only have a certain amount of presence in your town or city, but when we begin to think about online presence you can create a presence to the entire world. Therefore, its worth putting some energy into what you create within this space. Whatever you create in this space, you should be able to stand back and think ‘wow this is something that I have created’.

So, make sure you have a great website especially when you are starting your property business. You should create a website even if you are only looking to get a few buy to let’s and not really drive a major business out of it. you will be surprised how incredibly useful it can be for you. having a website will more than serve you when we begin to think about property sourcing, because it really gives people the opportunity to see who you are. If we begin to think about investors, it gives them the opportunity to look into you and see who they will potentially be dealing with.

This is why it is important to capture everything enabling you to create a really great website.

And lastly don’t worry.

If this is something that scares you or you are not a very creative or technically person there are website building platforms that can more than help you such as ‘wix’ and ‘squarespace’.

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